May 15th 2008,
Candella Licenses Qube’s ‘Q’ Engine for PS2

Candella Systems Ltd. has become the first game studio to licence Qube Software’s ‘Q’ game middleware for the Sony PlayStation®2, saying that the engine represents the industry’s ‘first truly studio-wide solution’. 

The brainchild of Direct3D creators Servan Keondjian and Doug Rabson, ‘Q’ was launched at GDC in February 2008.  Keondjian and Rabson created ‘Q’ to offer developers unrivalled power, flexibility and potential for customisation. 

Q’ is designed to work on all the latest consoles and DX10 PCs and to push them to the limits of their capacity, but it’s also lean enough to perform exceptionally on the PS2.  Candella’s CEO Ajith Ram says that was a key factor in his decision to adopt ‘Q’.

“Q outscored all the other systems we evaluated on three counts,” Ram said.  “Firstly it’s compatible with a wider range of systems than any other engine.  Secondly it’s the only serious engine whose latest iteration is PS2 compatible and thirdly we think it is simply much better value for money than its competitors.”

Candella’s CEO also likes the way Q is configured; as a series of modular plug-ins around a flexible framework that makes it easy for studios to customise ‘Q’ and add their own elements as they wish.

“Unlike many other types of middleware, Q is not genre-specific,” Ram said. “Therefore, it can be used for any type of game and given the multiple platforms it is available for one could say it’s the first truly studio-wide solution.”

“If we develop a plug-in during the course of one project its easy to use it or build on it for another; so our development work is cumulative.  We can build a library of plug-ins.  Nothing is wasted,” he said.

Candella has won a strong reputation for itself as an outsourcing partner working on titles such as Juiced (PlayStation 2, PC), Stubbs the Zombie (PC, Xbox) and The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (PlayStation 2, PSP).  Candella’s forthcoming PS2 title has been commissioned by Sony for the Indian market.  Sony invited Qube CEO Servan Keondjian to speak at India’s inaugural DevStation™ Mumbai 08 in April.

“The event in Mumbai made it abundantly clear just how much life the PS2 has in it as a console,” Keondjian said.  “Indian studios are clearly excited by its potential and there was huge interest in ‘Q’ as a middleware solution that brings out the very best in the PS2.”

Shahid Ahmad, the Technical Account Manager at SCEE responsible for developer relations in India, agrees that the PS2 has what he describes as ‘a long tail’.

"PS2 is the best selling console in India and we have every hope it will remain so for quite some time to come. It's an exciting time there right now.  One could really sense the enthusiasm at DevStation™ Mumbai 08.  We're really impressed with the games Indian PS2 developers are producing for their market. SCEE is very supportive of the development community there and we are delighted that middleware companies like Qube are joining us in providing the tools necessary to make excellent games."  

Q is designed to work with all of today’s major platforms making it far easier to carry projects from one console to another.  Q provides a flexible framework and core technology plug-ins that empower developers to extend and specialize wherever necessary. The core plug-in set includes cutting edge features such as:
Support for Arbitrary Scene Rendering Algorithms
Support for Programmable Shaders
Background Data Streaming
Texture Manager Capable of Handling Scenes with Many Gigabytes of Texture Visible on Screen
Cross-Platform Data Format
N-Dimensional Animation Blending
Background Work Queue
3D Editor which Allows Both Core and Custom Plug-Ins to Run Live Inside the Editing Environment
“Q’s renderer and background data streaming alone are going to excite a lot of PS2 developers,” said Q Program Manager Jamie Fowlston.  “Those are just two key features that most studios would probably rather not have to write for themselves and using Q allows them to concentrate their efforts on the art content and gameplay, in other words the key areas that shape the user experience.”

“Obviously game content will have to be appropriate for the PS2’s technology – but that’s simple given Q’s scalability; it can do big, it can do small.  The point is it makes the process easy,” Fowlston said.

To try Q today contact Jamie Fowlston on +44 20 7431 9995 or via

Qube Software produces 'Q', the only truly cross-genre, cross-platform 3D game solution on the market today. Q is a complete game solution in a completely customisable and extensible framework. Q has been designed to revolutionise game development by offering a standard for developers to use across all projects. Qube Software is a privately held company that was founded in 1998 by Servan Keondjian and Doug Rabson, the creators of Direct3D, and is headquartered in London, UK.

Based in the United Kingdom, Candella Systems Ltd is a developer and publisher of videogames for the PC, consoles and handhelds. Over the past four years, as an outsourcing partner, the company worked on several games for the PC and consoles including Juiced (PlayStation 2, PC), Stubbs the Zombie (PC, Xbox) and The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (PlayStation 2, PSP). The company currently has several projects in development for the PC and consoles.

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